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Department Information and Services Available
African American Student Development Office
247 César Chavez Student Center, #2440
(510) 642-0096

African American Student Development (AASD) creates programs and activities that facilitate retention and graduation, encourages matriculation to graduate and professional school, and enhances undergraduate experiences. Activities include scholarly, social-cultural and leadership engagement.

  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Appointments and walk-ins welcome

African American Student Development

  • The African American Student Development Office is the Academic, Social-Emotional, Professional Development, Community and Cultural Support Center for Students of African/Black Ancestry at the University of California at Berkeley.
  • In partnership with students, staff, faculty, campus and community partners, we develop, deliver and implement student development programs, opportunities and events centered around the diversity mission of the University of California.
  • Our programs, events and activities enhance our student experiences and facilitate the retention and graduation of Black students by:
    • Engaging in critical academic inquiry, reflection and research
    • Inviting, developing and supporting student leadership
    • Building community and partnerships on and off campus
    • Encouraging matriculation to graduate and professional school
    • Equipping students with the tools to navigate pathways to professional opportunities
    • Supporting student academic, personal and social-emotional, career, and community development

Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center
Hearst Field Annex D3

  • Black & students, plus staff, faculty and other black organizations, use the space daily. The Black community has more than 30 organizations that represent academic, business, civic, fraternal, social, and cultural communities. The composite of these organizations host more than 200 events and activities throughout the year.
  • The center also provides programs and events in collaboration with campus and community partners.
  • Fannie Lou Hamer provides multiple benefits to the community including:Student Group Convening Space
  • Programming Space: undergraduates, graduates, staff and faculty
  • Enhanced Academic Support and Workshops including:
    • Tutoring, advising and study skill support
    • Writing workshops, Science and Math Support
    • Studying, homework space
    • Professional Development and Networking Events
    • Academic and Community Lecture Series
    • Cultural Programs: festivals, art galleries, exhibits
    • Special Talks and Workshops On: mental and physical health
    • Alumni, Faculty and Staff Events
  • Black History Month Programming
  • African American Theme Program
  • Student Group Day Showcase
  • Black WEdnesday with rotating Black organizations hosting
  • Welcome Black Breakfast at the beginning of each semester
  • Black2Cal Celebration Connecting Alum, Students, & Staff, Faculty, and Administrators
  • HBCU Exchange Program
  • Black Joy Parade

Social Media

AASD Facebook
AASD Twitter
AASD Instagram

Asian Pacific American Student Development
Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement
249 Cesar Chavez Student Center
(510) 643-5497

Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASD) serves the diverse and changing needs of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities at the University of California, Berkeley. APASD provides accessible and relevant programming and resources, promotes cross-cultural community building, and advocates civil rights and social justice through education and empowerment. The office is open Monday – Thursday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.. To find out more and/or to meet with us, email is external). We are also on social media:

The APASD office houses 3 programs:
Pacific Islander (PI) Initiative
The Pacific Islander (PI) Initiative is a student-centered program started through student activism at the University of California, Berkeley that serves the diverse and changing needs of Pacific Islander communities. The PI Initiative seeks to develop and maintain cultural interests, promote cross-cultural community building, and address disparities by increasing access to relevant and responsive resources.

SSWANA Initiative                                     

The South, Southwest Asian, and North African (SSWANA) Initiative was advocated for and created by student activists that felt this student population lacked representation and resources at the University of California at Berkeley. The SSWANA Initiative seeks to provide personalized access to resources on campus, accessible programming, promote cross-cultural community building, and advocate for social justice in SSWANA communities through education and empowerment.    


Asian American Political Activation (AAPA) Program

Grounded in this legacy of the Asian American Movement, the Asian American Political Activation (AAPA) Program offers internships, events, and programs to grow Asian American students’ political consciousness around Asian American, Pacific Islander, and South Asian, Southwest Asian, and North African experiences, history, and community issues both on and off campus. We are excited to connect and grow with you all!


Visit us at our office which can be found next to the APASD Lobby at 249 César E. Chávez Student Center 

  • You can also connect with us via email, Instagram, and Facebook
  • To schedule an appointment, email the APASD Assistant Director for AAPA, Miya Sommers at

bridges Multicultural Resource Center
Hearst Field Annex, Building D, Room 37

First-Year students:
Transfer Students:

bridges Multicultural Resource Center seeks to make higher education accessible for historically underrepresented, low-income, and first generation college students. We are a student- led and student -initiated coalition of seven Recruitment and Retention Centers (RRCs) who aim to empower and encourage students from our communities to create their path towards higher education.
We host and facilitate campus visits with guided tours, student panels, and academic & resource workshops along with our multicultural coalition of RRCs:

  • BRRC – Black Retention and Recruitment Center
  • INC – Indigenous and Native Coalition Recruitment and Retention Center (formerly known as the Native American Recruitment and Retention Center)
  • MENA-RRC – Middle Eastern North African Recruitment and Retention Center (formerly known as the Arab Recruitment and Retention Center) 
  • Mixed @ Berkeley Recruitment and Retention Center (formerly known as Mixed Student Union)
  • PASS – Pilipinx Academic Student Services
  • Raíces (formally known as Raza) – Chicanx/Latinx Recruitment and Retention Center
  • REACH! – Retention and Empowerment of Asian and Asian-American Youths Considering Higher Education Recruitment and Retention Center

Chicanx Latinx Student Development Center
Hearst Gym, Suite #2 and 245 Cesar E. Chavez Center
Tel: (510) 642-1802


The Chicanx Latinx Student Development (CLSD) Center’s focus is threefold: 1) advocate for the retention and graduation of Chicanx Latinx students; 2) empower students to become scholars, leaders and professionals; 3)create community between Chicanx Latinx spaces/places on and off campus.

We are a multi-cultural/bi-lingual space, where we use a family, community and generational model to deliver all our services.  

  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (walk-ins welcome)
  • To schedule an appointment, email Director, Lupe Gallegos-Diaz or Assistant Directors Evelyn Rojo or Gladys Perez or Program Coordinator Alexandra Acevedo Graves
  • Educational Justice Programs (partial list):
    • Casa Magdalena Mora – a first-year community living and learning academic theme program. Casa Mora holds a weekly seminar and plans yearly events for the entire campus.
    • From Day One program–program engages graduate students from all disciplines to demystify graduate/professional school with undergraduates.
    • Leadership Seminar – a Fall/Spring course designed to help students transition into Cal and also navigate what it means to be Chicanx Latinx at Cal.
    • Latinxs and the Environment Initiative – engages undergraduate/graduate students in conducting research with /faculty, policy makers and nonprofits that focus on environment issues via classes, internships, and summits. 
    • Sharing Wisdom Across Generations (SWAG) – a yearly conference that brings together Chicanx Latinx Alumni and undergraduates/graduate students to share professional consejos and become mentors/mentees.  
  • Community Engagement Celebrations, Events and Partnerships:
    • Celebrations – Fiestas Patrias, Dia de los Muertos, Gran Tamalada and Chicanx Latinx Graduation.
    • César Chávez y Dolores Huerta Commemoration – Recognition of our national leaders. This is a partnership between the City of Berkeley, Berkeley Unified School District, Berkeley Community College and UC Berkeley.
    • Entre Muxeres/MALCS – a womxn’s) identified support group that empowers and encourages muxeres to become scholars and leaders. Workshop topics include: well-being, school and work balance, family responsibilities and financial literacy. 

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
119 Cesar Chavez Student Center
(510) 642-7224

For over 55 years, the Educational Opportunity Program at Cal has provided first generation and low-income college students with the guidance and resources necessary to succeed at the best public university in the world.

  • **New Admits are welcome to schedule an EOP advising appointment after: 1) Accepting their offer of admissions to Cal AND 2) Completing their Golden Bear Advising modules in June.
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Students can access EOP Academic Counseling appointments through the following options listed on this website:
    • Pre-scheduled appointments Monday – Thursday 10am-4pm available up to 2 weeks in advance
    • Same-day appointments are available Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
    • Peer Academic Counselors are available Monday – Friday 10am-4pm in MLK BNorth
  • EOP academic counselors and student staff work alongside amazing students who, despite their unique responsibilities and challenges, transform their lives through academic achievement and personal growth. EOP’s individualized academic counseling, support services, and extensive campus referral network help students develop the unique gifts and talents they each bring to the university while empowering them to achieve. We offer the following services:
    • Holistic academic counseling
    • Financial Assistance
    • Graduate school & career exploration
    • EOP STEM academic and personal enrichment programming
    • Community building & leadership opportunities
  • Check out the EOP website for more information and stay connected through the EOP Facebook page and follow us on Instagram: @EOPATCAL
  • Learn more about resources at our EOP New Admit website
  • Contact for questions
Gender Equity Resource Center 202 Cesar Chavez Student Center
(510) 643-0788

The Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) provides programs and services to the campus Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Women’s communities. It is also a campus location for education on sexual harassment and sexual violence as well as bias/hate incidents response (

Students connect with us for events, support, education and for off campus community resources. We are committed to fostering an inclusive Cal experience for all.

Through our many programs and services we strive to:

  • Provide a space for respectful and dynamic dialogue about sexuality and gender
  • Illuminate the interrelationship of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, gender bias & violence
  • Create a campus free of violence and hate Provide leadership opportunities
  • Support survivors of sexual, hate, dating and gender violence Foster a community of women and LGBTQ+ leaders
  • Be a portal to campus and community resources on LGBTQ+, Women, and the many intersections of identity (eg race, class, ability, size etc…)

GenEq is a member of the Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement, which is a collaborative within the Division of Equity & Inclusion at University of California, Berkeley.

Native American Student Development

241 Cesar Chavez Student Center
(510) 725-7370

The Native American Student Development Office (NASD) exists to support Native and Indigenous students at UC Berkeley with the transitions to the campus and navigating the many resources and opportunities provided on campus. We take a holistic and inclusive approach to support and provide programs and services that  foster community, develop leadership skills, promote academic excellence, critical inquiry and student wellness for the future generation of indigenous leadership.

We offer:

  • Academic support through programs
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Mentoring programs
  • Connections to student organizations,
  • Support in navigating the university
  • Community building opportunities
  • Advocacy for Native students and issues affecting the Native community

NASD is a member of the Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement, which is a collaborative within the Division of Equity & Inclusion at University of California, Berkeley.

Stiles Hall

2400C Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 841-6010

For 132 years, Stiles Hall has provided first-generation and low-income college students of color a home base and “extended family.”

  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • We hire work-study students to help middle school, high school and community college students get to Cal.
  • Students can volunteer as mentors and tutors for units.
  • Programs housed  at Stiles Hall include:
    • Underground Scholars Initiative: supports students impacted by mass incarceration
    • Wellness Apparel Project: five items of active clothing per month for students (Monday-Friday, 12-5 p.m.)
    • Experience Berkeley Program: a free 10-month program that provides Black, Latinx, & Native American rising high school seniors and transfer-ready community college students with mentors, tools, and resources to complete a competitive UC college application and the opportunity to get a close, personal look at UC Berkeley.
    • Pathways Coaching Program: provides comprehensive academic and social support for high potential Black and Latinx elementary, middle, and high school students to increase their academic engagement, college readiness, and leadership skills.
    • Colorwave: A 5-week virtual program designed for underrepresented early-stage founders building tech-enabled businesses to begin building the network and community they need to be successful.

Transfer Student Center 
100 Cesar Chavez
Berkeley, CA 94720

For over 20 years, the Transfer Student Center at Cal has provided transfer students with the guidance and resources necessary to succeed at the best public university in the world.

The Transfer Student Center provides services to assist students who transfer to Cal from other colleges and universities with navigating the academic and cultural landscape of this research university. Our programs and services focus on supporting a successful transition, helping transfers build connections and community, and assisting students as they explore and pursue their academic and career goals. 

  • Transition Courses
  • Academic Counseling
  • Major Insight Mentorship Program
  • Transfer Community
  • Leadership Opportunities 

Learn More About the Transfer Student Center through our website:

Connect with us on Social Media:

Undocumented Student Program

180 Cesar Chavez Student Center


The Undocumented Student Program (USP) supports the advancement of undocumented students within higher education and promotes pathways for engaged scholarship. USP practices a holistic, multicultural and solution-focused approach that delivers individualized service for each student. Our offerings to undocumented students include:

  • Mental Health Support
  • Academic Counseling
  • Free Immigration Legal Support
  • Financial support
  • Undocumented Community Resource Center
  • Community building events and other workshops
  • Transcending Beyond Berkeley Fellowship & other professional development opportunties
  • Post-graduation support
  • Extensive referral network

Through its offerings, USP helps students develop the unique gifts and talents they each bring to the university, while empowering a sense of belonging.

Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3)


CE3 offers a comprehensive array of counseling programs, supplemental aid, and scholarships to support former foster youth, veterans, student parents, undocumented students, first generation students, low-income students, and transfer students of all ages and life experiences. We connect students in need with critical resources — from holistic academic guidance, scholarships, mentoring, and career preparation to nutrition and child care support. The students we serve come from diverse backgrounds and the programs we offer reflect the complexity of their experience. Review our website ( or the links below to learn more about all the units in CE3.

Cal Veteran Services Center (CVSC)

102 Hearst Memorial Gym
(510) 643-0083


The Cal Veteran Services Center at UC Berkeley expands access and empowers veteran and military-connected student engagement within this public research university. We increase veteran and military-connected student enrollment, support academic and co-curricular experiences, and facilitate preparation for goals beyond graduation. Our work engages individuals and the broader community to facilitate a transformation of higher education experience for veteran and military-connected students.


  • In-person:
    • M-F 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Virtual (
    • Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays
      10:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
      2:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.
    • Tuesdays/Thursdays
      11:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
      4:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
    • Wednesdays
      5:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.

UC Berkeley’s Disability Cultural Community Center (DCC)

Opens Spring 2022, Date TBD
Hearst Field Annex D

For more information, contact DCC Coordinator, Ann Wai Yee Kwong,


UC Berkeley’s Disability Cultural Community Center (DCC) serves as a platform to advocate, educate, and collaborate among students, faculty, and staff living with disabilities to advance and empower both the community on campus and beyond so persons with disabilities can fully learn, work, and live with dignity.

The DCC fosters connections among current students, alumni, faculty, and staff to encourage authentic networks and leadership development. In alignment with the student movement that helped shift the conversation from a model of compliance to one of community in January 2018, the accessible, safe, and welcoming space is designed to incorporate support to navigate academic and disability success while acknowledging and affirming intersectionality and belonging. The Center facilitates community organizing, empowering awareness events, and critical opportunities around disability identity development for current and future generations of students with disabilities.

  • Services:
    • Accessible study space
    • Computer lab with assistive technology
    • Conference room for organizing activities and
    • Disability Studies events
    • Peer mentoring
    • Self advocacy coaching
    • Referrals

Re-entry Student Program

BNorth of the ASUC Student Union MLK Jr. Building


The Re-entry Student Program cultivates community amongst students who are 25 and older at Berkeley. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and work together to advance their personal and professional journey. We provide holistic, individualized support services through advising, transition courses and resource workshops. We also offer scholarships to new and continuing students, as well as leadership and career development activities.

Follow us on Instagram (@ReentryBerkeley) and learn more at:

Berkeley Hope Scholars (BHS)

Berkeley Hope Scholars (BHS) is the academic retention program at UC Berkeley supporting all incoming freshman, transfer, graduate, and continuing students who are current and former foster youth, probation foster youth, or were orphaned before the age of 18. Berkeley Hope Scholars delivers comprehensive services to BHS students to ensure their academic success, personal development, and realization of educational and career goals. Based on notions of mutual support, self-advocacy and mentoring, BHS assists students in their transition to college and pathway through the
109 Cesar Chavez
Community Space Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Virtual drop-in hours
Wednesday 2:00-5:00pm HERE
Thursdays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Student Parent Center

The Student Parent Center is committed to the holistic support and success of a highly motivated population of undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged scholars, as well as devoted parents at UC Berkeley.

The center is a centralized multi-purpose campus resource, where students can seek informed advice, develop leadership skills, engage in informal study groups, nurse babies, change diapers, celebrate achievements, recover from setbacks, and form lasting friendships.

100 Chavez and MLK Student Union Bldg (B-North)

Monday-Thursday 9a-5p

Friday 9a-4p

Summer Hours – Mon-Thurs 10a-4p

CE3 Units

Berkeley Hope Scholars
Career Pathways
Cal Veteran Services Center
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Miller Scholars Program
Re-Entry Student Program
Student Parent Center
Student Support Services (SSS)
Transfer Student Center
Transfer Transition Program
Undocumented Student Program (USP)

Partner Programs

Basic Needs Initiatives
Berkeley Underground Scholars
Disabled Students Program
SEED Scholars Honors Program